About Us

Welcome to Travel Paro. Travel Paro is an Indian Travel Company that delivers experiences. The word Paro in Latin means “Plan” and hence the name Travel Paro which means Travel Plan.

TravelParo has been working in the Travel Space for almost a decade and we have delivered travel services to some of the big corporate clients in the country. Over the decade we have built both the knowledge and understanding of customer service which has helped us build a strong platform to become one of the fastest growing travel experience company. Over the years our services have created a credibility for us in the market and we aspire to maintain the same trust moving forward. We understand that International Travel is always in the list of every avid travel and we aspire to give the best service in the same. However we also believe that our country i.e. India is one of the most beautiful country with its amazing locations and diverse culture.

One of our vision is to ensure that the traveler should explore India and experience the wide range of food, culture, locations and weather in the country. Every service offered by Travel Paro begins by first understanding the client’s requirements, matching it to the appropriate budget and then delivering it with an emphasis on operational excellence. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the Travel Industry. ROUND O CLOCK ON SERVICE: We have team of dedicated travel expertise at your service. You can contact us through phone, Email and Chats on Major Portals in order to answer your questions and clarifications on the spot.